gyarudos!!!! please tell me this hasn’t been done yet ive been dying to do something with this pun since forever and oh my gosh i spent ages on this (oh yeah, it’s transparent too)

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I love klefki!!!!

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Cutie Cards~

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All done finally, here’s the entire set of my Kanto gym badge stickers!

The first half was here

They’ll be available as a set in my etsy store and will also be sold singly at my upcoming art tables.

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Anonymous said: Do you think that Sycamore says things in french whenever he's overcome with emotion like passion or sadness so like the first time he tells Serena he loves her he says "je t'aime" and whispers sweet french nothings to her between kisses ahhhh


Also what if he calls her something like “ma vivaldaim” which is deerling in french, kinda like “ma bichette” which means “my little doe” I think that would be really cute
jfdlskfd yes please
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